Lewis Miller and brown pelican
Lewis Miller Rescuing a Brown Pelican from an Arizona Park
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Below are frequently asked questions regarding sick, injured, abandoned and orphaned wildlife:
  • I found a baby bunny. What do I do with it or how do I care for it? 
  • I found a baby bird. Where do I take it or how do I care for it?
  • We found an injured hawk. Who do I call?
  • There is an injured hurt bird in my yard? What should I do with it and who do I call? 
  • What should I feed the bird, bunny, rabbit, etc., that I found?
  • I found baby quail in my yard that have been abandoned by their mother. What should I do?
  • I found a tortoise or turtle. Where do I take it or what do I do with it?
  • I found abandoned quail eggs in my yard. What should I do with them and who should I call?
All of the above animal rescue related questions are very common. Questions and similar questions regarding sick, injured and abandoned wildlife in the Tucson area should be directed to a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator or the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

If you find an injured or hurt wild animal in need of help, please call one of the licensed wildlife rehabilitators listed below for instructions on what to do, including how to transport injured wildlife.

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers and Facilities in the Tucson, Arizona area:

Wildlife Rehabilitation in Northwest Tucson
Janet and Lewis Miller
(520) 743-0217

Forever Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center, Tucson, Arizona
(520) 574-3579

Wild Things Animal Rehabilitation Center
(520) 762-5864
Diana Roche

Not a rehabber, but The Southern Arizona Rabbit Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer-run, no-kill domestic rabbit rescue and adoption agency serving Tucson and greater Southern Arizona.
Southern Arizona Rabbit Rescue

Arizona Game and Fish Department
(520) 628-5376
The AZ Game and Fish Department maintains a list of all licensed wildlife rehabilitators and wildlife control operators in the state of Arizona.

Desert Wildlife Services, Inc.
5405 West Sunset Road
Tucson, Arizona 85743
(520) 743-1411
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