Pack Rat Elimination Removal and Control 
Trapped packrat
Trapped Pack Rat
Tucson, Arizona

If you are looking for pack rat elimination, trapping, removal and control services, you have come to the right place.

Pack rat elimination, removal and control sometimes offers a challenge, but we are up for it!

  • Are pack rats chewing your car wiring?
  • Are pack rats living under your spa or pool equipment?
  • Are packrats living in your attic and walls?
  • Are packrats living under your home?
  • Are pack rats making a mess around your home?
  • Would you prefer that no poisons, toxicants or fumigants be used to get rid of rats on your property?
If so, we can help!

Over the years, Desert Wildlife Services has perfected the fine art of trapping pack rats, eliminating the need for potentially harmful poisons.  Since we do not use poison, there is no need to worry about pets, children or wildlife coming into contact anything harmful.

In addition to trapping and removing rats, we also provide pack rat nest removal and exclusion services.

Desert Wildlife Services is your local, honest pack rat removal service. Give us a ring to set up an appointment, anytime.

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